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Alternative energy
10.10.2013  In Chile, they develop marine energy. The first pilot program is on its way.
The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is an international financial institution, established purposely to financial support for the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean. Recentlyit carried out a large study of the marine energy potential in Chile, as the results of which the decision wa
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10.10.2013  France took up the development of tidal energy. Process led by the country's president
French President Francois Hollande after signing a cooperation agreement between the two major companies GDF Suez and ALSTOM announced the launch of major projects in the field of tidal energy.
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10.10.2013  The unsuccessful participation in the competition for the selection of RES projects, possibly caused the resignation of the General Director of JSC “VetroOGK”.
The competition for the selection of RES projects uniquely affected the market of alternative energy.
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10.10.2013  The most effective approach for the remote areas of Uzbekistan is to use the solar power plants.
country to 6%. In the first place by improving the life conditions of people living in the remote areas from the central energy services. Renewable energy is increasingly considered as an alternative to use the limited hydrocarbon energy resources.
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10.10.2013  By 2030, Japan promises to bring into space a solar power plant.
Japan launchesa geostationary satellite to supply the country with clean energy that will gather in space sunlight and then transfer it to the ground in the form of microwaves or laser beams.
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11.10.2013  In Mexico, some previously announced plans for the development of renewable energy were delayed.
The Mexican Government is planning to implement its ambitious plan to increase to 35% the share of renewable energy in the total energy balance of the country by 2026.Emphasis will be placed on solar energy.
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11.10.2013  “Previously, this was only on the roofs.” In Sevastopol, they started the construction of a solar power plant.
In Sevastopol (Ukraine) a project to build solar power plants (SPP) with an installed peak electricalcapacity of 3.2 MW/ peak has been launched.The project has passed all approvals and expertise.
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11.10.2013  A little slower. In Britain, they might reconsider ambitious plans for development of solar energy.
October 8, in the UK a new road-map of the development of solar energy industry was published. The paper raised the question about the effectiveness of this segment of renewable energy in the struggle to reduce emissions of CO ₂.
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16.10.2013  The Russian government decided to stimulate the development of alternative energy.
In Russia, massive construction and the use of wind power,solar power plants, the installation of seasonal micro-HPPs and other renewable energy facilities will be stimulated.
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16.10.2013  The World Energy Council has determined the development of sustainable energy
World Energy Council destroys the field stereotypesand schedules the development of sustainable energy calling policy makers in the energy fieldand industry leaders to realism.
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