About project

About project

“It is necessary to create a Kazakh internet site dedicated to science”

from the speech of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev
at the Forum of Kazakhstan’s scientists 01.12.11

The National Scientific Portal is a multifunctional web-portal where representatives of Kazakhs and global scientific communitieswill find the needed information on the condition of Kazakh science, recent developments, achievements and coming scientific activities, information on international scientific publications, getting access to them and much more.

Scientists and researchers in Kazakhstan, as well as representatives of international scientific community, are engaged in finding solutions of a broad range of issues on which the vector of development dependsthe future of both science and the country. There are conditions to unify the representatives of the scientific community by allowing interactive participating at the National scientific portal.

Representatives of Kazakhstan’s scientific community can participate in the following sections:

  • Associations and consortia
  • A collection of the best works of Kazakh young scientists
  • Contests
  • Vacancies in science

The National scientific Portal contains the national resources of scientific and technical information which include automated reference collections, reflecting the scientific, technical and intellectual potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.