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10.11.2017 “Science Leader – 2017”: the authors of most highly cited publications without participation of foreign authors

The annual ceremony of awarding the independent award “Science Leader – 2017” was carried out in November 8, 2017, this ceremony is held since 2011 with the aim of encouraging and motivating of Kazakhstani scientists.
During the ceremony of the first nomination “Leader of Kazakhstani scientific publications” six domestic magazines were marked, which quality corresponds to the international standards:

• Eurasian Mathematical Journal, L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University
• Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal, Institute of Combustion Problems. Three series of Vestnik journal of E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University:
• Bulletin of the University of Karaganda – Chemistry.
• Bulletin of the University of Karaganda – Physics.
• Bulletin of the University of Karaganda – Mathematics.
And the journal of Nazarbayev University:
• Central Asian Journal of Global Health.
A.Zhunusov, the President of JSC “NCSSTE” noted in his speech that this year’s awards will be given to the pathfinder-journals, which were indexed on the Web of Science platform.

In the nomination “Author of highly cited publication without participation of foreign author” awards were given to the authors in the following field of science:
in the field of physical sciences:
• the author’s staff of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Kazakh-British Technical University:
- Ramazanov Tlekkabul Sabitovich, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Academician of NAS RK, Professor, Projector of scientific and innovational activity of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
- Gabdullin Maratbek Tulebergenovich, Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, PhD Doctor, Projector of science and innovations of Kazakh-British Technical University.
- Ismagambetova Tomiris Nurlanovna, Master of Natural Sciences, Assistant of faculty of physical plasma and computer physics of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

• the author’s staff of Institute of Mathematics and Mathematic Modeling:
- Sadybekov Makhmud Abdysametovich, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of NAS RK, head of department.
- Torebek Berikbol Tillabayuly, Doctor of Mathematic Sciences, research officer of the institute.
in the field of engineering sciences:
• the author’s staff of D.V.Sokolskyi Institute of fuel, catalysis and electrochemistry:
- Itkulova Sholpan Sembayevna, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associated Professor, leading research worker of the institute.
- Nurmakanov Yerzhan Yeslyambekovich, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, junior research scientist of the institute.
• the author’s staff of K.I.Satpayev Kazakh National Research Technical University:
- Dauletbakov Timur Suvanovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of NEA RK, Professor of the University.
- Shokobayev Nurlan Maratovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Technical Expert “Thrane Teknikk”.
in the field of medical sciences:
- Sultankulov Bolat Mukhtarovich, PhD Candidate of Nazarbayev University, Director of LLP “Kletochnaya terapiya” (Astana).
• the author’s staff of Nazarbayev University:
- Saliyev Timur Muidinovich, Head of laboratory of translational medicine Center of Life Sciences.

- Bulanin Denis Sergovich, PhD Doctor in the field of biomedicine and molecular biology, assistant to the professor of Medicine School.
in the field of agrarian and biological sciences:
• the author’s staff of Kazakh Scientific and Research Institute of forestry and agrolisviculture and International scientific and production holding “Phytokhimiya”:
- Mukanov Bolat Mazhitovich, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, General Director of Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of forestry and agrolisviculture.
- Kirillov Vitalyi Iurievich, Deputy Director General on the science of Kazakh RSI of forestry and agrolisviculture.
- Seraphimovich Mariya Vyacheslavovna, research officer of Kazakh RSI of forestry and agrolisviculture.
- Atazhanova Gayane Abdulkakhimovna, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Correspondent Member of NAS RK, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of terpenoid chemistry of International scientific and production holding “Phytokhimiya”.
• the author’s staff of SRI of problems of biological safety:
- Sansyzbai Abylai Rysbaiuly, Doctor of veterinarian sciences, Professor, Correspondent Member of NAS RK, General Director of the Institute.

- Yespembetov Bolat Amanbayevich, Candidate of veterinarian sciences, Head of laboratory of the Institute.
- Asanzhanova Nurika Narynbekovna, Candidate of Medical Sciences, acting manager of laboratory of the institute.
- Kydyrbayev Zhailaubai, Candidate of veterinarian sciences, Professor, Chief Research Worker of the Institute.
- Zinina Nadezhda Nikolayevna, Candidate of veterinarian sciences, Chief Research Worker of the Institute.
in the field of agrarian and biological sciences:
- Seilov Galimzhan Aidarkulovich, PhD Candidate, Senior Teacher of KAZGUU University (Astana).
In his welcoming speech, O. Utkin, Head of the representative office of Clarivate Analytics Company in Russia and CIS, said that he is envious in amicable way to the speed of development of Kazakhstani science, which is supported by the government, in particular through the provision of free access to the resources of Clarivate Analytics. The dynamics of publication activity of Kazakhstani scientists increased 6 times in last 6-7 years.

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